'Tis the Season to Invest In Your Pipeline

November 7, 2023

Deciding on whether or not to pause (or even cut back on) media spend is always top of mind during the holiday season. Truth is, running ad campaigns during the holidays can be crucial to reaching a market that is ready to invest in the new year.

With remote working and schedules at an all-time high in flexibility, the old assumption that people don’t work over the holidays has changed.  In fact, 53% of people stay connected to work during the holiday season—the majority of these folks are in sales. After all, this is the time to close end-of-the-year deals as a new budget cycle will soon begin.

A Breakdown of Customer Spend

At RollWorks we’ve seen firsthand that our customers who decided to maintain or even increase their ad investments during the peak holiday season. Turns out, they got a faster and stronger start to the new year.  We analyzed our customer base spend in Q4 of 2020. We then divided our customer base into two categories to determine how they treated their spending over the holidays. This is what we found over the past years:

Invest Wisely this Holiday Season

  1. Focus on in-market accounts: Double down on the accounts that are most likely to close fast by looking at in-market accounts that demonstrate intent to buy.  They are the ones researching your business, and/or competitors on the web, and are engaging with your content and website site. 

  2. Generate FOMO at late funnel stages: In today's macro-environment, deals are getting more scrutinized so add additional support by influencing the purchasing committee for deals in late-stage pipeline. In light of the holidays when packages and deals of sorts are in flux, customers are expecting flexibility in price. If your business can maintain a profit while giving a discount go for it.

  3. Get creative with your ads. Add provocative questions that captivate in-market accounts with a relatable statistic that puts you in a more favorable light over the competition. When in doubt, be blunt in your offering. Because some audiences see right through tactics, just getting to the point of what you are offering is ok and will do the trick. 

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