3 Ways to Use the RollWorks Integration with HubSpot to Boost Lead Quality

October 26, 2023

RollWorks and HubSpot Integration for ABM

Data privacy changes have impacted targeting and personalization from marketing and sales teams, but ABM tools and secure CRMs are helping companies maintain data security and build trust with their audiences, all while supporting sales and marketing goals. 

The RollWorks and HubSpot integration helps companies capture demand by identifying high-fit, engaged, in-market accounts. GTM teams can reach these high-value accounts with targeted digital ads, notify sales when an account is showing strong intent, and then track and prove their success within HubSpot. 

Benefits of the RollWorks integration with HubSpot

Many B2B marketing teams that have long focused on demand generation marketing are starting to add some Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, helping them close higher-value deals in less time.

All B2B companies can benefit from trying this approach, but especially those in SaaS, financial services, business and professional services, and manufacturing. In industries where customers may have longer lifecycles and customer journeys, every interaction contributes to closing deals and continuing to drive success.  

How Companies are Growing Using the RollWorks Integration with HubSpot 

LHP Engineering, a leader in the automotive safety space, was able to grow their average lead value three times over by integrating RollWorks with HubSpot — while decreasing their ad spend on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

Megan Verkamp, Director of Content Strategy at LHP, said the integration helped to better connect marketing activities to account owners. “The data has been incredibly useful, from intent topics to who’s playing on our website or engaging with our ads. We track leads coming from RollWorks weekly. From there, dashboards in HubSpot show us who came in, and we’re able to pass that along to SDRs to follow up.”

And the quality of their leads has skyrocketed: “Since introducing RollWorks over the past 16-18 months, we’ve seen an incremental jump in the quality of leads we’re reaching, as well as the value of those leads. This year alone we’re already seeing 3X the value of leads year on year,” she continued. 

3 Ways to Use RollWorks with HubSpot to Identify and Engage High-Value Accounts

1. Generate and sync high-intent account lists to power your ABM strategy.

Companies can use RollWorks’s database of 37 million companies and 182 million contacts to generate a list of the best accounts to target with digital ads and touchpoints that resonate. Companies can set logic and rules to narrow down large lists, and create both dynamic and static lists, plus account groups and segments. Dynamic lists are updated nightly by RollWorks, ensuring audiences are always relevant and ready to be targeted effectively by both RollWorks and HubSpot GTM campaigns. 

Users can sync RollWorks’s proprietary fit scoring, intent, and engagement data into their HubSpot account and contact-level data, helping GTM teams learn more about in-market accounts — and better prioritize them. RollWorks’s engagement data and scoring models help in-market accounts stand out, and highlight the businesses closest to the company’s ideal customer profile. This lets sales teams focus their efforts in the right place, helping them increase their chance of closing deals. 

2. Grow brand awareness by targeting the right customers and prospects with effective digital ads.

RollWorks helps brands build awareness online by allowing marketing teams to target both known and unknown website visitors with personalized ads. We take anonymized visitor data and securely transfer it into platforms like HubSpot where you can learn more about who is visiting which pages and engaging with your brand.  RollWorks can confidently put company ads and messages in front of more of the right prospects at lower costs, and help drive conversions through retargeting campaigns. 

With native integrations with Facebook and LinkedIn, RollWorks customers can run effective and efficient display and social ads within RollWorks, targeting both existing contacts and new, unknown accounts. And all that ad engagement data flows right into HubSpot, so users can benchmark ABM success in their HubSpot reporting dashboards. 

Consider a company that sells an ecommerce-focused CRM solution. They’ll want to reach small business owners who are just getting started — not ones that have already built their website and can’t be bothered to switch over. With RollWorks, the company can find customers close to their ICP, and start creating ads that work. 

3. Track engagement in HubSpot + get notified when accounts are spiking so sales can strike while the iron is hot.

With RollWorks Sales Insights, powered by machine learning, the platform alerts users when an account’s interest in your business is spiking and they’re well into the consideration stage. This helps sales teams get in touch using the right message at the right moment.  

For example, consider a company that sells inventory tracking systems for retail businesses. A small business owner has engaged with a social media ad for the inventory system, and has since been visiting the website’s blog regularly for four days. Then, the business owner starts visiting the product pages and then the pricing page — so the RollWorks system sends an alert to the right SDR to get in touch with them and close the deal. 

What do users think of the RollWorks integration with HubSpot? 

Overall, reviews of the RollWorks app for HubSpot are positive. Jennifer Felix works in IT services at a large company. She shared that “RollWorks is a great tool to execute digital campaigns and provides insightful data that other platforms don't. Syncing this data with HubSpot is really helpful for reporting and giving visibility to the rest of the team of the impact the ads are bringing.”

Katie McCauley, who works in logistics at a mid-size company, commented that RollWorks has been highly successful for their business. “We've been able to reach nearly half of our target accounts and progressively move them along in the buyer's journey — We use RollWorks to reach key buyers at target accounts that we may not be able to reach otherwise.”

RollWorks ABM technology combined with HubSpot’s marketing and sales automation helps brands deliver better targeted experiences

With the reach and targeting of RollWorks and the reporting power of HubSpot, marketing teams can reach more customers, connect with them quickly, and demonstrate their success internally. 

“Partnering with RollWorks has been incredible for our pipeline. It would never be on that list to cut the budget. We’re putting more into RollWorks because it benefits the business,” said Megan Verkamp of LHP. 

Learn more about how RollWorks and HubSpot can supercharge your ABM efforts, helping you target the right customers at the right time and close more deals.  

Ready to see the integration LIVE? Visit our resource page to hear from our VP of marketing, book a customized demo, and learn more about why RollWorks + HubSpot are the perfect pair.

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