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Small Teams, Big ABM Impact

Can ABM work for SMB? Absolutely! In a challenging B2B marketing landscape, ABM is a strategy savvy small businesses need. For many SMBs budgets and resources are often tight, which is why ABM is a cost and resource efficient strategy. By focusing on precision targeting, ABM allows SMB to use their marketing and sales resources more efficiently and effectively. So what are the best ways for SMB to utilize ABM, and how should you get started?

Devon Watts, Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing, RollWorks and Hannah Shain, Director of Marketing, SmartBug discussed the essentials of a SMB ABM strategy. They deep dived into the importance of audiences, tailored ABM tactics and how to measure it all. 

Key takeaways include: 
- How to use ABM for improved marketing ROI
- How to build out your ABM audience (with a handy template to help you)
- How to measure the success of your ABM efforts

About the Author

Katie Dunn, Demand Generation Manager

An event and demand gen marketing guru who drives all things demand at RollWorks.

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