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5 Ways Small Teams are Shifting to Account-Based Marketing

July 6, 2020

Trust us, we get it: marketing teams of all sizes face the same dilemma of higher expectations and fewer resources. This feels especially true for smaller marketing teams; you don’t have the time or budget to attract every company in your addressable market. You need to prioritize your already strapped team and resources toward companies with the greatest chance of becoming customers. 

What might come as a surprise—since this acronym comes with its own set of buzz and reputation—is account-based marketing or ABM is arguably one of the best approaches for small teams looking to run efficient B2B marketing. 

Don’t believe us? Sit down with RollWorks, LinkedIn, and HubSpot as we debunk the myth that it takes a large team, big budgets and a lot of time to implement ABM successfully. 

Join us to discover: 

  • The false assumptions that hold small teams back from embracing ABM
  • Where B2B marketers are finding the most success (with data, not just opinions)
  • How 3 real revenue leaders are finding ways to leverage their existing tech stacks to see the most value
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