Introducing G2 Buyer Intent to Power ABM Throughout the Entire Lifecycle

When it comes to B2B intent data, the old adage of ‘the more the merrier’ applies. Intent data is the activity of online users' (and accounts’) behavior that signal their interest in a specific solution / topic and their likelihood to purchase. Having more intent data allows marketing and sales additional information to determine who, how, and when specific users / accounts should be engaged. 

Introducing G2 Buyer Intent to Power ABM Throughout the Entire Lifecycle

RollWorks has updated their G2 integration, adding another source of intent data to combine with and complement its other 1st and 3rd party sources, to better identify and prioritize the right accounts. 

But first, why G2? 

G2 is the largest tech marketplace allowing businesses to discover and review technology. With over 1.5M+ reviews across 100,000 products and 5M visitors per month, there is a lot of activity happening on G2. So, with its intent data, G2 Buyer Intent, not only can RollWorks users uncover accounts based on their web research, but now we can hone in on accounts’ specific G2 activity. With G2 Buyer Intent, users can uncover accounts that are researching their company profiles and product category, doing company comparisons, and researching alternatives.

​​“With this expanded G2 and RollWorks integration, we’re thrilled that mutual customers will have the ability to uplevel their use of G2 Buyer Intent, to streamline ABM programs and impact ROI. Having insights into which accounts are shopping a specific category and product directly in RollWorks’ platform, teams can tailor ad creatives and targeted messaging to align more directly to buyer behaviors and interests.” 
- Brittany Wroblewski, VP of Strategic Partnerships

With the updated RollWorks integration, G2 customers can leverage G2 Buyer Intent in three main ways:

Building Target Account Lists

  • Customers can build Account Lists and Account Groups using G2 Buyer Intent data, in combination with other 1st and 3rd party sources, to identify and prioritize in-market accounts. This enables the discovery of more accounts that are actively researching specific products and categories, including insights on product-specific and competitor comparisons. 

Customizing Account Journey Stage

  • Customers can use G2 Buyer Intent data in combination with other data sources to define Journey Stages and create an account progression framework specific to their business. This helps inform marketing and sales strategy for outreach and viewing how accounts are progressing through their designated buying journey.

Viewing Account Journey Events

  • Customers can view G2 activity alongside other intent and engagement signals synchronously in RollWorks Journey Events. This helps determine what is influencing an account’s progression / regression and informs ABM efforts.

With the addition of G2 Buyer Intent, RollWorks customers now have more data to power their ABM strategies throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
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