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Better Pipeline > More Leads: How to Shrink Time to Revenue in 4 Steps

We want it all, and we want it now—Leads that is! 

With pressure on the rise to prove value AND generate results fast, marketers can no longer rely on just quantity. While the goal remains to maximize on the volume of leads, the bigger focus now is on the quality of leads (your best-fit accounts!) Quality leads are best-fit accounts for your business that are ready to buy based on high fit scores, levels of intent, spikes in engagement, data, and more!

Trust us, we know this shift in focus can make it hard to get leadership on board ( let alone your marketing team), so we’ve created this guide to help cover the balancing act of moving from quantity to quality in 4 easy steps! 

About the Author

Alysha Parker, Content Marketing Manager

Alysha is a Content Marketer at RollWorks

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