Why Companies are Turning to ABM Now, and You Should Too

As a B2B marketer, can you relate to the following challenges?

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your (small) team
  • Justifying your use of budget
  • Getting higher win rates and shortening your sales cycle
  • Seeing down-funnel results of your programs fast

ABM is a tried-and-proven way to help your business achieve these goals in Q4 and beyond. Why? Here are some of the best reasons to implement ABM now:

ABM delivers higher ROI

With an account-based focus, you’ll be able to target specific accounts with the highest fit, intent, and engagement to help drive revenue fast. And this hyper-focused approach optimizes both employee resources and demand gen budget. According to the Sirius Decisions 2019 Account-Based Marketing Guide, over 80% of ABM users report a higher win rate for ABM accounts. 

In other words, ABM initiatives outperform other marketing investments’ ROI. For example, when Dialpad introduced a new product offering, their Senior Demand Gen Manager wanted to target the specific accounts most likely to buy that product. By leveraging ABM and the capabilities of RollWorks Account-Based Advertising, Dialpad saw 52% of deals closed faster and 3.25x ROI. Those results may not have been possible without a laser focus on the highest value accounts.

ABM has big wins, even for small businesses

In a challenging B2B marketing landscape, ABM is a strategy savvy small businesses both need and increasingly embrace. And more and more small businesses are leveraging 1:many ABM campaigns to supersize their results, without supersizing their team. Auditoria’s small but mighty marketing team was able to reach 93% of their 15,000 target account lists by focusing on a core subset of 100-150 companies at a time. Beyond targeting high priority accounts, Auditoria also saw a 208% increase in the number of accounts from their TAL engaging with their brand.

ABM works in as little as 90 days 

Unlike it’s slow and cumbersome reputation, ABM can deliver fast results. Once you’ve defined your ABM strategy and set up your campaigns ABM can deliver value in as little as 90 days. 

Within only 3 months of their first ABM initiative BlackBaud saw 4x larger sales opportunities using ABM by focusing on the singular goal of using targeted display ads to increase the number of engaged target accounts. Blackbaud’s digital marketing team lead Sam Kuehnle said, “Thanks to [BlackBaud’s] new targeting abilities — we don’t have to throw out 20 messages and hope that one lands. We can mention the specific pain points we know you're going through and how we can help you.” 

Compelling reasons and results, right? Kick off your Q4 with a strong ABM structure in place. Schedule a demo now to see what RollWorks and ABM can do for you. 


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