CRO, Darragh Fitzpatrick Talks Sales Empowerment on the Revenue Generator Podcast

Our very own Chief Revenue Officer at RollWorks, Darragh Fitzpatrick appeared in a 3 part series of the Revenue Generator Podcast.

The Revenue Generator Podcast tells stories on how innovators of the Revenue Generation orchestrate sales, marketing, product, & customer success teams to deliver world-class customer experiences.

In the episodes below, Darragh shares his insights on the modern B2B buying process, customer experience, how to empower sales teams and more!

Part 1: Empowering sales teams at scale

In this episode Darragh details RollWork’s process when empowering their sales teams. It’s important for sales departments to have the right structures and operations in place so their sales reps can do their best work. He talks about how his company empowers its sales teams and also what their approach is when recruiting great talent.


Part 2: Customer experience vs customer success

Darragh details the importance of a great customer experience in the B2B buying process. Although the sales process is no longer linear, being able to understand your prospect and deliver what they need is key. A great customer experience results in more wins. He sheds light on the role that customer experience plays in the success of your sales team. 


Part 3:  Modern B2B buying process

Darragh takes us through the changes in the B2B buying process over the years. While previously buyers didn’t have a lot of options, today they are spoilt for choice. They also have access to much more information than was previously available and this has caused a change in the sales process. Darragh talks about these changes and how sales teams can adapt.


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