From Inbound to Insight: ABMify with Sales Insights for HubSpot

October 28, 2022

B2B teams today are constantly being pulled in different directions. Between the evolving economic climate, the dynamic MarTech landscape, and ever-changing customer needs, B2B teams are faced with many challenges, to say the least. While a well-thought-out ABM strategy can help address these challenges, in reality, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to ABM. In order to figure out the best ABM strategy for your organization, it’s important to identify your key challenges first. Only then can you determine potential solutions that directly address those specific hurdles.

At RollWorks, we’ve worked with B2B teams of varying sizes across many industries. Over time, we’ve identified a few common challenges that would guide us in developing a new product that could help make our customers’ lives easier no matter where they are in their ABM journey.

Challenge 1: “We need to manage our time more efficiently.”

Sellers are always looking for new ways to be more efficient with their time. They need to be able to determine which accounts to prioritize and reach out to prospects at the right time with the right message. However, they might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the different tools at their disposal. While they are provided to help, sellers may become unsure of where to invest their focus. For this reason,  we knew we needed to provide a simpler way for sellers to get the information they need to take action in a meaningful way.

Challenge 2: “We need to drive alignment across our teams.”

Another common challenge we see across B2B organizations is aligning Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Ops teams, who typically have different goals and siloed data systems. Oftentimes, this results in them having inconsistent perspectives and disjointed strategies that ultimately impact the bottom line. In order to truly achieve alignment, teams need to have access to the same insights and metrics so they can see how everything works together and build cohesive GTM strategies.

Challenge 3: “We need to accelerate our marketing efforts and prove our impact.”

According to Demand Gen Report, 58% of B2B teams are not at all or only somewhat confident in their organization’s ability to accurately deliver an inbound lead from a marketing program to the right salesperson. This finding underscores the importance of having the right tools and processes in order to drive pipeline. As the concept of ABM becomes more talked about, many inbound marketers are looking for ways to make their campaigns more account-based while complementing their inbound strategies, so they can be more efficient and prove their impact. 

Say Hello to Sales Insights for HubSpot

For B2B marketers and sellers, Sales Insights for HubSpot is an effective ABM tool that helps drive and prioritize opportunities that will ultimately impact their bottom line. By using data science, Sales Insights for HubSpot reveals when accounts are spiking in engagement which is valuable for B2B organizations struggling to manage time more efficiently, drive alignment across teams, and accelerate their marketing efforts with ABM.

More specifically, Sales Insights for HubSpot enables B2B teams to:

Prioritize accounts more effectively.

By informing sellers when accounts are spiking in engagement, Sales Insights for HubSpot helps them prioritize accounts that are actively researching the brand so they can reach out at just the right time. With more timely sales outreach, sellers can drive more meetings and open more opportunities.

Personalize sales outreach.

Sales Insights for HubSpot provides sellers with a better understanding of an account with contact-level engagement activity and a 360 degree view of the account buying journey. This enables sellers to better personalize their communication and ensure that their messaging resonates.

Expand the assigned accounts pool.

When an unassigned account has an engagement spike, sales managers can be alerted to assign it to the appropriate sales rep for follow up. This allows sellers to go beyond the target account list and fuel the top of the sales funnel with new accounts that are actively engaging.

Align marketing and sales teams.

When an account has an engagement spike, that activity is shown alongside other marketing and sales activities and the account’s buying journey. With this data, sales reps can activate outreach on accounts that are spiking in engagement due to programs led by marketing. Additionally, marketers can analyze what actions are attributing to engagement surges in order to optimize and “ABMify” their campaign strategies.

Nurture engaged accounts.

Marketers are always looking for ways to nurture engaged accounts and engage leads that are most likely to convert. Sales Insights for HubSpot provides engagement spike data that marketing teams can use to trigger HubSpot workflows that launch nurture campaigns targeting engaged accounts.

How does it all work?

Sales Insights for HubSpot uses a proprietary Account Spike data science model to flag accounts spiking in engagement compared to an account’s engagement baseline. Then, it visualizes spiking account and contact insights within the HubSpot CRM and email alerts.

With Sales Insights for HubSpot, B2B teams will have access to:

  • Account Spike Data: The underlying data that powers Sales Insights. RollWorks’ data science model analyzes a variety of engagement signals across a company’s website and ads and identifies spiking accounts and their engagement spike level (high, medium, or low). This data is surfaced within HubSpot on the Company Index Page, Company Record, and Reports. Teams can also use Account Spike data to build HubSpot workflows.

  • Daily Email Alerts: Sellers can receive automated email alerts with a snapshot of spiking accounts, contact-level engagement details, and links to accounts and contacts in HubSpot.

  • Journey Events: Within the HubSpot Company Record, teams can view a timeline of account activity across the website, ads, intent, CRM, marketing automation platform, and more.

With the RollWorks + HubSpot integration, B2B companies of any size can start leveraging Sales Insights for HubSpot to prioritize accounts for outreach and fuel the sales funnel. By allowing teams to continue using their existing tools, Sales Insights can help drive alignment and enable teams to ABMify their marketing and sales efforts.

Learn more about Sales Insights for HubSpot and schedule a demo.
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