Announcing Account Intent and Deeper Partnership with Intent Data Leader Bombora

September 12, 2023 Mike Stocker, VP Partnerships

Haven’t we all wished, at some point in our lives, to see the future or be a mind reader in order to gather more data and insights to make better decisions? Who wouldn’t want the superpower to know who is doing significant research on a particular product or topic?

Announcing Account Intent and Deeper Partnership with Intent Data Leader Bombora

Today we’re excited to share that RollWorks has launched Account Intent within the RollWorks Identification solution. Account Intent now allows customers to identify accounts that are actively researching a product or service with the intent to buy, allowing organizations to be even more hyper-targeted in their marketing. 

RollWorks has partnered with Bombora, the leading intent data provider, in order to deliver the Account Intent feature and Bombora’s patented Company Surge ® to RollWorks customers. The Bombora Company Surge™ Score indicates the intensity to which a business has intent to purchase based on the intensity of content consumption compared to ‘normal’ as measured against a historical baseline. This increased content consumption is indicative of the research that happens within a business prior to buying. The Bombora Company Surge™ Score will be incorporated into the RollWorks platform indicating the level of intent for a particular account.

Why Now?

We understand that with the economic impact of COVID-19, many marketing teams are operating with reduced budgets and greater scrutiny on cost and effectiveness. As serendipity would have it, we were already on our own journey to bring ABM to companies of all sizes by making sophisticated tools and technology available to a broader array of customers. Earlier this month, we announced new pricing and packaging including a new Starter package beginning at $975 per month which gives customers the ability to identify the thousands of accounts that matter to them and efficiently engage the buying committees within those accounts throughout their entire buying journeys.

All of the new packages include the RollWorks account data foundation, machine learning capabilities and bi-directional integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot and Marketo. This allows ambitious marketing teams to execute their ABM programs at scale with their sales teams and confidently grow revenue. In support of that mission, we’ve been busy with a flurry of new partnership activity this month: 

RollWorks + Bombora

Now, in late April, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve deepened our partnership with Bombora with an offering of Company Surge™ directly within the RollWorks Platform. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with Bombora, and this latest addition to our partnership provides our customers with access to a powerful set of intent data. 

"Company Surge data and intent data in general is a proven way to take higher percentage shots with accounts that are genuinely interested in hearing from you. However, intent data without a way to act on it quickly is not very useful. We couldn't be more excited about having our data in RollWorks's comprehensive platform for effective ABM activation!" - Charles Crnoevich, VP Partnerships — Bombora

The Bombora Company Surge Score indicates the intensity to which a business is demonstrating intent on a particular topic compared to its historical baseline.  Bombora calculates this score based on privacy compliant web content consumption data from over 4000 websites and relating to over 6700 topics. 

Intent is an important component of a successful account-based strategy, because without it a company will be blind to active buying journeys in their solution category.  This opportunity blindness is increasing because when B2B buyers are considering a purchase, they now spend only 17% of that time meeting with potential suppliers. To (mis)quote the ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky “you miss 100% of the accounts you don’t engage”.

The Role of Account Fit, Engagement, and Intent 

To increase opportunity creation marketers need to understand and implement Account Fit, Account Engagement and Account Intent:.   

  • Account Fit is a measure of how well an account matches a company’s ideal customer profile. Not every account will be the right fit for a company’s solution. Firmographic and technographic factors such as geography, industry, revenue, annual growth rate, number of employees, and existing technologies will play an important role in filtering down the accounts that are a fit for a marketing team to focus on.
  • Account Engagement is a measure of which accounts are engaging with a business through activities such as email opens, digital advertising views, website visits, webinar registrations, physical events attendance, blog post reads, and online product demos. Not all activity is equal (a product demo is probably a stronger signal than a blog visit). However, aggregating activity from all the people who are interacting with a company at the account level is critical so that the marketing and sales teams can respond rapidly when engagement is spiking. Speed matters in this digital, always-on world.
  • Account Intent is a measure of which accounts are engaging with a solution area but are not (yet) engaging with the marketing team’s business. Intent is measured through buyers consuming business content relevant to a solution area or topic. B2B buyers often consume content from 10-15 sources, and 80%+ of them are influenced by this content in their purchase decision. Imagine a buyer doing a lot of targeted research out on the web searching for products and services that match yours. This is intent: accounts showing strong interest through their web behavior in your solution area but not your solution. These are the accounts that are traditionally invisible to marketers.

Account Intent, as well as Fit and Engagement signals. are available within the Standard, Professional, and Ultimate packages of RollWorks. RollWorks customers on these packages will be able to subscribe to topics, monitor intent on those topics, capture accounts in a target account list showing a surge in intent on topics, and engage those surging accounts through targeted digital advertising. The number of topics and number of accounts showing intent will vary across the packages. 

Into the Future of Intent

We are thrilled that this partnership with Bombora allows our customers to take advantage of Account Intent data in a seamless way within the RollWorks Account-Based Platform so they can win new business and drive account growth at scale. RollWorks chose to partner with Bombora because its Company Surge™ data uniquely measures intent signals across many data and content sources, establishes a baseline of activity for specific accounts, and then measures account-based increases in content consumption around specific topics. Moreover, all of this is done in a privacy compliant way. It was important for us to partner with a provider that doesn’t rely on bidstream data or other techniques which are unlikely to withstand the tests of time and regulators. 

Visit our official press release to learn more about the Account Intent feature or visit the RollWorks pricing page to learn more about the inclusion of Account Intent within the Standard, Professional, and Ultimate packages. 

With all of the exciting partnership activity in April, I’d ordinarily be looking for some R&R on a sandy beach in May, alas I’ve had to settle for a beach themed background on Zoom meetings because we’re not anywhere near done extending our platform and capabilities into the broader ecosystem - but more on that later.

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