ABM for the Few? No, ABM for the Many: Why Account-Based Marketing Matters Now

In what feels like the blink of an eye, the way people connect with their buyers has changed. The message, the channel, the offer; every day we hear of ways our customers have had to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. This digs even deeper than just our customers, but to our community of B2B marketers. 

ABM for the Few? No, ABM for the Many: Why Account-Based Marketing Matters Now

Events and direct mail may have been known as the proverbial bread and butter of many account-based marketing strategies, and watching these channels wane has left many teams needing to pivot and rebuild their ideal marketing plan for 2020 into a Plan B. 

Luckily, here at RollWorks, we’ve always believed and demonstrated that true ABM goes beyond the stigma of pure outbound in-person events and direct mail. While we see them as side dishes in a well-rounded ABM meal, by no means should they be your whole plate. That’s why we’ve been investing in our product roadmap to make sure we bring everything our rich account data and machine learning infrastructure has to offer to account-based marketing, and now’s a better time than ever to show just how powerful that can be. 

Removing Barriers to ABM with the Starter Package

That’s what’s truly kept us going in the wake of recent events; a harkening back to our mission. We believe that with the right tech, ABM is no longer a manual, clunky, in-person-only approach to marketing. And that also means it’s not just for those who can afford a fully scaled, 1:1, expensively designed ABM program. It really is just a more precise, more targeted version of the demand gen plays you’re probably running today. And everyone should have access to this, especially now.

That’s why, more than ever, we’re excited to roll out our new pricing and packaging to support teams of all sizes and budgets. Gone are the days of have and have nots when it comes to ABM. Teams can now have access to an account-based platform with packages starting at less than $1,000/month.

This is especially critical in a time when many are facing budget cuts or needing to prove ROI with even more vigor. ABM is just what you need during this unique set of circumstances: a data and machine learning powered approach to prioritizing marketing investment and impact. If you were spraying and praying, now’s a better time than ever to curb the habit and get clear on your targets. Discover which package is right for your team. 

One Step Further: RollWorks + HubSpot

What’s more? Connecting your ABM efforts to the other critical platforms your team runs on. And for smaller marketing teams, we know HubSpot is who you rely on to maximize your marketing impact. That’s why we’re excited to announce not only new pricing and packaging to support teams of all sizes, but integrations that help RollWorks speak to the platforms you trust day in and day out. 

For growing teams, our HubSpot bi-directional integration now enables you to identify high-fit, high-intent accounts and buyers, reach them efficiently, and ultimately, measure your impact. B2B companies of any size can now fill the demand gap by identifying and engaging high priority target accounts using HubSpot lists and RollWorks digital advertising.  

  • Utilize HubSpot’s pre-built ABM Lists to segment Contacts at Target Accounts
  • Dynamically sync contact lists to RollWorks
  • Engage your targeted HubSpot audiences across channels with dynamic digital ad campaigns
  • Align Marketing and Sales with RollWorks performance reports and dashboards in HubSpot

What’s Next?

While the only constant right now feels like change, we also want to make sure you know that includes good change. Beyond empowering teams of all sizes with the tools they need to get the most out of their investments, we have a series of product releases and partnership announcements bubbling up throughout the next few months. Our top priority is to make sure you’re able to run the most precise and economic B2B marketing possible. 

To read our official pricing press release, please click here and for our HubSpot press release, click here.

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