AI in Account-Based Marketing: Unlocking Customer Insights & Personalized Experiences

The fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is transforming the marketing landscape. AI technology enhances ABM by optimizing processes, delivering more personalized marketing experiences, and improving efficiency. This is more than a trend; it's a crucial development in the modern marketing world. 

By adopting AI, businesses can provide more personalized experiences and streamline their marketing processes. In this blog we’ll explore the unique synergy between AI and ABM and how marketers can embrace this powerful duo.

Integration of AI into an ABM Approach

At RollWorks, AI is an integral part of our ABM solutions. From identifying high-value in-market accounts effectively to delivering personalized content, AI powers our platform to provide innovative and tailored account-based marketing strategies.

Integrating AI in an ABM approach isn't a casual decision; it's a strategic move. From identifying high-value accounts to tailoring content, AI is reshaping how we engage with our audience. Here are 3 key benefits of using AI in an ABM strategy:

  1. Approach High-Value Accounts with Precision

Finding high-value accounts is a task that requires precision and insight. With AI, you’re not just finding accounts; you’re discovering real opportunities.
  1. Go beyond Trends with Personalized Content

Content personalization isn't a buzzword; it's a necessity. An AI-powered platform ensures that our messages resonate with the individual, not the masses.
  1. Certainty in Targeted Goals 

Improved customer engagement and higher conversion rates aren't just aspirations; they are achievable goals with an AI integration.

AI-Powered Key Word Intent Data

Intent Data is not just valuable; it's essential. Our AI-powered keyword intent enhances our ability to understand and anticipate customer needs, making our account-based strategies more precise.

This feature aligns marketing efforts with customer intent, ensuring relevant and meaningful connections with the target audience. With a focus on analysis and prediction, intent data allows businesses to anticipate customer needs accurately. AI algorithms sift through data to identify customer intent and predict future actions.

How Okta Generated Opportunities with an AI-Driven ABM Strategy

Our collaboration with Okta is proof that using AI-powered intent data can yield significant results. “Looking at the numbers now, it’s clear we made the right decision when we decided to focus on intent data. The second we put our effort toward prioritizing and reaching the right accounts, it was like a switch flipped.” — Mae Cadao, Digital ABM Program Manager.

Not long after bringing in RollWorks to refresh its ABM program with intent-based playbooks, the Okta digital team saw impressive results:

● 24x in opportunities using intent-based ABM campaigns

● 63% reduction in time from opportunity creation to closed deal 

● 22% increase in influenced revenue

The Future of AI in ABM

With AI continuously evolving, RollWorks foresees even greater enhancements in ABM, reinforcing our commitment to leading the industry through innovation and excellence.

AI and ABM are more than trends; they are partners in a strategic journey towards more personalized, efficient, and effective marketing. At RollWorks, we're not just adopting AI; we're integrating it into our very ethos. The future is here, and we're ready to lead the way, one innovative step at a time. 

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