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What's Working in Intent-Based Strategies

April 5, 2022

Marketers can use intent data to their advantage to create better campaigns and content strategies that educate a buyer instead of just forcing them to the end stage.

Download the 2022 special report from Demand Gen Report and RollWork to learn how successful B2B marketers are implementing intent-based strategies to create more cohesive, easier-to-navigate customer experiences. 

What’s inside: 

  • How to maximize intent data usage across all strategies, specifically ABM and advertising;
  • The growing adoption of monitoring intent post-sale to identify churn signals;
  • The role intent signals play in guiding content strategies and identifying which assets would resonate best with each buyer; 
  • Real-world case studies that highlight successful intent-based strategies and provide actionable advice.
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Hacking Marketing & Sales Alignment Workbook

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Special Report: State of Sales Acceleration 2022

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