Measurement Solution

Score with your B2B marketing

Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs.

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Take the lead with your reporting

What good is driving business growth if you can’t prove it? Show off revenue impact at the account level along with pipeline engagement for both accounts and contacts.

Get transparent insights

We provide a range of reporting views, from detailed ad performance to revenue influence.

Prove your impact

Let everyone know your impact on target accounts in your CRM or marketing automation platform (MAP).

Jump on the path to attribution

Benefit from continued AdRoll Group investments in advanced models for attribution and incremental lift.

Campaign Analytics

Track account reach, decision maker engagement, and more to know what’s working

  • Ad campaign performance—View detailed performance data for each account down to individual contacts and specific sales stages. Evaluate the effectiveness of specific ads and closely monitor other performance metrics.

Campaign Analytics
CRM and MAP Connectors
CRM and MAP Connectors

Show off your wins

Sync your Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot accounts so your company can see campaign business impact in your shared record of truth.

CRM and MAP Connectors

Take the lead with RollWorks today

The account-based platform that’s been shown to deliver over 5X the ROI compared to other ABM vendors.

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