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Customer Spotlight

How Salesforce built their ABM program

Salesforce's account-based strategy has led the industry for years, and they have the market share to prove it. From team structure and account segmentation to cross-channel execution and measurement, see how Salesforce uses their ABM programs to engage high-value accounts.

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Hundreds of customers depend on the RollWorks Account-Based Platform

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Customer Spotlight

How Dialpad closed deals 52% faster with their ABM program

“This is helping us know where to spend the majority of our sales and marketing resources. With a new, validated and tiered target account list, now Dialpad is poised to do true ABM at scale.” –Izabella Bray, Senior Manager, Demand Generation

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increase in traffic


faster time to close a deal


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Fantastic platform and even better team

“The targeting we're able to get to with our campaigns is unparalleled. Between looking at intent based on pages viewed, layering in in-house marketing/CRM data, and RollWorks' proprietary AI, I'm confident our ads are being shown to the correct people.” —Sam Kuehnle, Team Lead, Digital Marketing at Blackbaud


Cost-effective way to target specific company and more

“The ability to provide specific target companies to deliver ads is key for us. Integration with Salesforce gives us the ability to specify different accounts that we either want to target or exclude, and the integration allows this to happen automatically as statuses change in our Salesforce instance for different accounts. Beyond the Rollworks interface itself, the account team is invaluable in helping you get going quickly and to help you optimize your campaigns to reach your goals.” —Mark Halliday, Director of Demand Generation, ExaGrid Systems


Great experience with RollWorks

“We're able to closely target key accounts, saving from wasted spend. RollWorks has been key for getting in front of target accounts, nurture existing leads, and retarget our existing customers. The customer support is fantastic, offering us feedback on how to improve our existing campaigns and further maximize our ROI. We've also started to integrate RollWorks data into our attribution software, providing great insight into how RollWorks combines with other channels to drive pipeline.” —Megan Kratzman, Director of Demand Generation, Pana

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It's like doubling your demand gen team without hiring more people

“Rollworks has helped us reach and penetrate accounts that we've been struggling for years through their lead locator product, and help provide clarity into the effectiveness of advertising at each stage in the funnel through their accelerator program.” —Jess Bahr, Director of Growth Marketing, NS1

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