RollWorks is the End-to-End Account-Based Platform Proven to Drive Up to 5X ROI Compared to
Other ABM Solutions

Identification Solution

Identify your ideal customer profile, target accounts, and key buyers.

Use your data, plus ours to build the foundation for your account-based marketing programs via:

  • ICP Insights—Become more account-based by defining your ICP using firmographic attributes based on your website traffic.

  • Target Account Selection—Build a new target account list, or optimize an existing one using our robust account database.

  • Account Intent—Discover and engage with key decision makers at target accounts who are actively in-market for products like yours.

Run lead-generation and highly targeted ABM programs with the RollWorks Engagement Solution
Engagement Solution

Engage high-fit accounts through multi-channel (display, video, social, and email) campaigns.

Build and execute targeted and personalized ABM programs at scale through:

  • Account-Based Ads—Build domain and firmographic based audiences to drive traffic from the personas you care about at key accounts.

  • Retargeting—Drive users back to your site for continued engagement. Target CRM and marketing automation lists to reach the visitors you care about most.

  • LinkedIn Advertising—Amplify your ABM strategy by leveraging LinkedIn Ads to reach your target audience where they spend their time.

  • Personalized Ads—Serve highly relevant ads enhanced with dynamic messaging.

  • Sales Automation—Automate emails from your sales reps with triggered follow-ups to increase coverage.

Account-based marketing
Measurement Solution

Measure the effectiveness of your ABM programs in our dash or directly within your CRM or marketing automation platform:

  • Sales Insights—Keep your sellers informed of spiking engagement from their owned accounts through daily email notifications.

  • Account-Based Dashboard—Track campaign impact across your account-based program with metrics on engagement, lift, and influenced opportunities and revenue.

  • Sales Automation Reporting—Review the results of your sales automation emails with detailed reporting broken out by sequence and sales reps.

  • Bi-Directional CRM and Marketing Automation Integrations—See performance data directly in Salesforce, Marketo, or Hubspot.

Measuring the effectiveness of ABM programs with the RollWorks Measurement Solution

Hundreds of customers depend on the RollWorks Account-Based Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an Account-Based Platform a good fit for your business?

When it comes to selecting ABM solutions for your business, several questions should be answered before deciding on your preferred solution. Below are some good examples of questions that you and your team should try and answer while in the process of finding the best ABM solutions for your business:

Q: Are we ready as a business to build and run effective account-based marketing campaigns?

A: This question could go in many directions depending on how advanced you’d like to be, but here at RollWorks we firmly believe that any company is ready to run account-based campaigns. We built our ABM solutions with companies of all sizes in mind, and depending on your sophistication we have specific tools and features built to support your business. If you would like some more information about where you land on the spectrum of ABM readiness, check out our assessment here.

Q: What resources (both monetary and human) are available at the company to devote to an account-based marketing and sales strategy?

A: Pivoting to an account-based marketing and sales strategy requires a fair amount of work to build a solid foundation of data and technology that can power your campaigns. While it shouldn’t replace your current strategies completely, ABM is a very efficient way to both align, and dedicate resources to focusing on a subset of accounts that are agreed upon by both marketing and sales stakeholders. To truly be account-based, you must align as one team and build campaigns and experiences that work in tandem between the marketing and sales motions.

Budget is also an area where you will likely have to make some sacrifices or adjustments to focus more money on target accounts rather than your entire addressable market. Simply put, buy-in from leadership and executives is necessary before you even consider purchasing ABM solutions. Luckily, here at RollWorks we have a team of experts that are here to help you get that buy in by planning, aligning, and eventually building and executing campaigns. However, putting in the groundwork to get buy-in is the first step. Check out our blog post to get tips on how to start the conversation with your leadership and executive teams.

Now that we have those questions out of the way here are some of the more basic questions that you might have about ABM solutions available to you:

Q: Can I run ABM campaigns if I don’t have target accounts or an idea of my ICP (ideal customer profile)?

A: The foundation for any account-based strategy is data. Understanding who is coming to your website, who is interested in the solutions you offer, which companies are a good fit for your business model, and many more. If you don’t have the tools or processes in place to get an understanding of the above, RollWorks is here to help you get that data. Our Identification ABM Solution is one of three core pillars of our platform. This solution, powered by several deep partnerships with B2B data providers as well as our own proprietary data can help you understand the firmographic composition of your website traffic. Once you have an understanding of who your web visitors are, you can then upload data about your customers and closed won business into the platform. By knowing who your audience is and who your best customers are, you can then leverage the RollWorks account and B2B contact database to build lists of target accounts that are a good fit for your business and then find B2B contacts to engage with via email and advertising. Long story short, RollWorks has the ability to help you get started from the ground up.

Q: Are ABM solutions too expensive for my business?

A: This is always a question that comes up and contrary to the belief of many, not all ABM solutions are overly expensive. RollWorks is on a mission to level the playing field for companies trying to execute ABM, which is why we have created flexible and affordable packages that can align to both your budget and ABM sophistication. Be sure to check out our pricing page for an idea of what our packages consist of and cost.

Q: Which ABM solutions fit into my existing technology stack?

A: Most ABM solutions make an effort to build integrations with the systems of record you already trust like marketing automation and CRM (customer relationship management) platforms. That is no different at RollWorks. In fact, we take a partner first approach when it comes to building out our product. In order to be truly effective the technology and systems you use have to talk to and work with each other to create the best experiences and deliver the most insightful data for your team to leverage and report on. We connect with several systems such as Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Opensense, and have several APIs that can be leveraged by other platforms if needed.

users love us

Fantastic platform and even better team

“The targeting we're able to get to with our campaigns is unparalleled. Between looking at intent based on pages viewed, layering in in-house marketing/CRM data, and RollWorks' proprietary AI, I'm confident our ads are being shown to the correct people.” —Sam Kuehnle, Team Lead, Digital Marketing at Blackbaud


Cost-effective way to target specific company and more

“The ability to provide specific target companies to deliver ads is key for us. Integration with Salesforce gives us the ability to specify different accounts that we either want to target or exclude, and the integration allows this to happen automatically as statuses change in our Salesforce instance for different accounts. Beyond the Rollworks interface itself, the account team is invaluable in helping you get going quickly and to help you optimize your campaigns to reach your goals.” —Mark Halliday, Director of Demand Generation, ExaGrid Systems


Great experience with RollWorks

“We're able to closely target key accounts, saving from wasted spend. RollWorks has been key for getting in front of target accounts, nurture existing leads, and retarget our existing customers. The customer support is fantastic, offering us feedback on how to improve our existing campaigns and further maximize our ROI. We've also started to integrate RollWorks data into our attribution software, providing great insight into how RollWorks combines with other channels to drive pipeline.” —Megan Kratzman, Director of Demand Generation, Pana

Jess Bahr

It's like doubling your demand gen team without hiring more people

“Rollworks has helped us reach and penetrate accounts that we've been struggling for years through their lead locator product, and help provide clarity into the effectiveness of advertising at each stage in the funnel through their accelerator program.” —Jess Bahr, Director of Growth Marketing, NS1

We hope that you’ve found the information above useful and are now feeling more confident in learning more about the RollWorks ABM solutions we have built. Click below to schedule a customized demo of the platform.

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