Identification Solution

Target Account Selection

Build and prioritize a target account list (TAL) of companies that are the best fit for your business.

ICP Insights

Features of Target Account Selection

Account list creation

Generate account lists in minutes from our B2B database of over 18 million companies. Combine account-level fit and intent data to focus on the highest value accounts. Our target account list software works within minutes.

Benefits of Target Account Selection

  • Improve your ABM. Uncover new target accounts to build and/or expand the foundation of your account-based marketing programs.

  • Align marketing and sales. Surface the most promising accounts for coordinated sales and marketing plays.

  • Boost ROI. Spend your budget on the top named accounts for your product or service.

How Target Account Selection Works

  1. (Optional) Add the RollWorks pixel technology to your site to begin tracking website visitors.

  2. Begin list creation by selecting the firmographic attributes that make up your ICP (company size, company revenue, company industry).

  3. Within minutes, RollWorks will generate a target account list based on the criteria entered and enrich that list with relevant information such as account location, social presence, and recent funding.

  4. Segment and prioritize the target account list based on criteria that are important for your business.

  5. Leverage this list as the base for your cross-channel account-based programs that span digital advertising, sales automation, and, in the future, website personalization.

Take the lead with the power of your data and ours

Your data is more powerful than you might think. Whether you’re an ABM vet or just starting, turn your data into account-based insights. Find high-value targets with marketing software that makes a big impact.

Become more account-based

Turn your customer data into an ICP to ensure sales and marketing are pursuing the same companies.

Advance account-based strategies

Create stronger named account lists that include key contacts on the buying committee.

Boost your data assets

Enjoy our constantly updated B2B customer database of 320M contacts across 18M accounts.

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The account-based platform that’s been shown to deliver over 5X the ROI compared to other ABM vendors.

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