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Building a Target Account List for Account-Based Success

September 26, 2019 Caroline Van Dyke

Creating, prioritizing, and managing a target account list is one of the biggest challenges faced by account-based teams. Not getting it right has some serious implications—wasted budgets and missed revenue.

Watch TOPO senior analyst Eric Wittlake and RollWorks VP of marketing Jennifer Toton as they reveal the best tactics to build a successful target account list, as well as how to align internal expectations around outcomes.

  • Learn why strong target account selection is essential for a smart account-based strategy.
  • Hear how we use machine-learning technology to build custom predictive models that create, prioritize, and manage lists.
  • See how target account lists help align sales and marketing teams to run coordinated account-based plays.

About the Author

Caroline Van Dyke

Caroline is a seasoned B2B content strategist with a love for actionable storytelling that helps build brands and inspire buyers. With her own experience launching a start-up’s very first ABM program, she now focuses on helping teams leverage account-based strategies through content at RollWorks. When she’s not busy typing a million words a minute, she can be found getting overly competitive at trivia, hiking with her dog, or watching the latest standup special on Netflix.

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