NEW from RollWorks: Score and Prioritize Target Accounts with Machine Learning

Today, we’re proud to announce the latest update to the RollWorks Account-Based Platform. Powered by machine learning technology, our Identification Solution now builds custom predictive models to help companies score and prioritize their target account lists.

In our conversations with account-based teams, we heard that a strong target account list was the foundation for a smart account-based program. However, we also heard that it’s a challenge to create, prioritize, and manage that list. Not getting it right has some serious implications—wasted budgets and missed revenue.

NEW from RollWorks: Score and Prioritize Target Accounts with Machine Learning

Create, prioritize, and manage your target account lists

When launching our Identification Solution last February, we included products that validate your ideal customer profile (ICP) and create your target account list (TAL). With today’s feature updates, we’re moving beyond list creation to help you prioritize and manage your account lists to focus your resources.

“RollWorks has been essential to the development and execution of our account-based strategy,” said Izabella Bray, senior manager, demand generation, Dialpad. “We recently started leveraging RollWorks’ Identification Solution to update and manage our target account list and discover new accounts to engage with. We’re looking forward to utilizing account scoring and suggestions to identify and prioritize the targets with the highest likelihood to become our customers.”

Focus resources on your best accounts

Through industry-backed research and customer outreach, we know the challenges account-based teams face when allocating resources against target account lists. Common questions include: 

“Which accounts have a higher chance of converting into customers?”
“How should I tier my budget across accounts?”
“Are there any high-fit accounts I haven’t added to my list yet?”

Our new improvements now help provide some answers to these questions. 

Taking your existing customer data, our platform uses machine learning technology to assign fit-grade scores to your target accounts based on their propensity to close. Top-scored accounts can have 15x the engagement levels, such as unique website visits, compared to the lowest-scored accounts. 

This account scoring enables teams to invest in accounts that are the best fit for your business and surface new ones that show high fit. Let’s get into what our newest features can do for you.

What a predictive model powered by machine learning can do 

Before accounts can be scored, we first create a custom training model based on a list of your best closed-won customers (our team of consultants can talk you through what ‘best’ means for you). This model utilizes our machine learning technology, creating a custom predictive model to grade your target account lists. 

By analyzing attributes of your best customers today, your custom predictive model can help ensure you pursue the best possible customers in the future. The model pulls from firmographic, technographic, and social signals such as company size, industry, revenue, and competitive/complementary tech stack. 

Once your model has been applied to your target account list, your accounts will be assigned unique grades of A, B, C, D, and F based on fit. From there, you can begin to prioritize and manage your resources accordingly. It’s that simple. 

firmographic, technographic, and social signals model from RollWorks

Expand your target account list 

The benefits don’t end there. If you’re looking to expand your target account list, account suggestions can surface high-fit accounts based on your custom predictive model. RollWorks pulls from a robust B2B database of over 18 million companies. This helps you get in front of new unknown accounts and improve your account-based strategy. 

Sync account scores to Salesforce

Siloed data only hampers marketing and sales alignment, ultimately making account-based plays harder to manage. With our latest release, customers can now view account scores in both RollWorks and Salesforce. With dynamic, bi-directional account list syncs, marketing and sales teams can work from the same insights to make more informed decisions.

Group accounts to run effective campaigns

Finally, companies can now use RollWorks' account groups to segment their lists by account scores and firmographic or technographic attributes. For example, if you’re looking to run a campaign targeted at groups B-C with a specific company size and industry, we now make it possible with a few clicks. This provides an easy-to-manage ad audience to get off the ground and running with advertising campaigns. 

If you’re ready to see what account scoring and more can do for you, read our official press release or reach out for a custom demo of our newest features. 


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