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5 Personalization Mistakes to Avoid

It’s not news that great marketing is all about personalization. But if we’re being honest B2B marketers often stop their personalization efforts at {insert first name here}-- and their results show it. So how can you avoid this and other common personalization mistakes and what advanced personalization tactics are worth it? 

Attend “5 Personalization Mistakes to Avoid,” for an insights packed session where leaders from RollWorks and ON24 will show you five simple ways to approach personalization to maximize outcomes. From identifying and grouping prospects based on interests to tailoring content experiences across the buying journey to tracking and measuring results. You’ll walk away with a fresh take on old tactics, and a new strategy for success. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • How to turn data into actionable insights you can actually use 
  • The trick to creating (and amplifying) content tailored to your audiences at every level
  • Follow up strategies proven to convert leads into conversations and customers 
  • How to scale and automate personalization to drive ongoing returns

It’s time for a new take on an old tactic. Check it out now.

About the Author

Katie Dunn, Demand Generation Manager

An event and demand gen marketing guru who drives all things demand at RollWorks.

More Content by Katie Dunn, Demand Generation Manager
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