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TL;DR of GTM: The Pocket Guide of Must-Know Terms

October 26, 2022

Whether you’ve been in the same industry for decades or hop industries every year or two, chances are you’ve been inundated with a whole new slew of acronyms, terms, and hot topics. Sometimes it feels like decoding an entirely new language. Go-to-market teams are certainly not immune, especially with how quickly the industry changes. 

Spoiler? That’s why we’ve created your TL;DR pocket guide. No revenue champion should be left without a friendly guide to turn to when things get a little too overwhelming. We’ll take on some of the most common conversations we hear in the market and set the record straight -— or at least give the debate a little extra sizzle. The goal? Everyone can leave a little more aligned on what they need to be focused on, how they can educate their full team around a common GTM language, and of course, see the impact of all of this IRL, not just in a polished book collecting dust on your shelf. (Yes, we threw even more acronyms in there to get the pocket guide party started). 

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