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Unlocking Growth Strategies with RollWorks: Blended ABM in Action ~ Hosted by Digital Bias

December 6, 2023

Join RollWorks’ lead product manager, Bowie Silvers, and the dynamic founder of Digital BIAS, Paul Sullivan, as they discuss the challenges confronting today's marketing and sales leaders and the pivotal role of blended ABM (Account-Based Marketing) in overcoming these obstacles.

Bowie shares insights into leveraging RollWorks for enriched account and contact insights, while Paul, a seasoned disruptor in SaaS and Fintech, unveils growth strategies honed through years of experience. This session unveils the power of using multi-signals, including RollWorks' Hot Contacts and fit-first buying signals, coupled with intent data, to maximize Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Whether you're a long-time B2B marketer or just starting in the field, this webinar offers actionable strategies and real-world examples that you can implement immediately.

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