Market Got You Down? 10 ABM Tactics to Fill the Demand Gap ASAP

Feels a bit like deja vu, doesn’t it? We are once again (and naturally) overwhelmed by a market downturn with a big question top of mind: ‘How do we fill the demand gap and close as much revenue as possible in these uncertain times?’ 

While we navigate the uncertainty together, one thing is for certain--you'll need to keep capturing demand before your competition does—and we have 10 hacks to help you get it done. That's right, no fluff, no complex strategy, just straightforward tips you can implement today if you need to start filling your demand gap. 

Hack #1: Have a demo request form? Add a "schedule now" option using a vendor like Drift to decrease friction and increase conversion rates by up to 25%. 

Hack #2: Add a checkbox for visitors to opt-in to secondary offers on content forms, like a newsletter subscription or demo request.  (*Make sure to comply with applicable privacy laws!). 

Hack #3: Ungate content assets to increase email campaign performance to your known database. Simply mark ‘click’  or ‘PDF viewers’ (must be synced in your marketing automation  platform) as ‘responded.’ 

Hack #4: Wake the dead and audit closed-lost opportunities for low-hanging fruit. This could be an amazing opportunity to share a special offer or re-engage accounts that went dark for quick wins. If your budget permits, consider using a no-ask touch (like an e-gift card for "dinner on us" via Sendoso) to kick off re-engagement. If you want more quick plays like this to take action, we've got 20 useful plays here.

Hack #5: Facing budget cuts? Score and prioritize your existing target account list to discover which accounts are most similar to your best customers today and allocate more resources (budget and sellers)  toward this group. Top-tier accounts have a 2.5x higher propensity to close than the rest.  

Hack #6: Save more time by populating an automatic report right in Salesforce and/or HubSpot for sellers to your outbound sales team every morning for any known contact that hit high-value pages in the last day. This can look like product overviews, customer stories, or even your pricing/demo request page (those that don’t convert). Following up with personal messaging based on this digital "interest" can yield quick wins. 

Hack #7: Avoid the mistake of single line-item budget cuts in uncertain times. If anything, now is the time to reinforce and invest in channels that show incremental lift on all other programs. For example, digital advertising is the only channel that can increase conversion throughout the entire funnel. By driving air cover and coordinated automated sales outreach, we’ve seen SDR response rates go up markedly. 

*Pro-tip: Hyper-focus your allocated digital ad investment toward the accounts you identified as the highest fit and engagement from hacks 4, 5, and 9 to see the greatest ROI.  Don’t forget to automate personalization for extra relevance. 

Hack #8: Offer limited no-commitment buy-in with outlined packages or pricing bundles. Consider a month-to-month package or three-month "band-aid" to get more deals without needing new customers to commit long-term in an uncertain time. 

Hack #9: Drive a surge of MQLs by targeting leads close to hitting the  MQ threshold (<5% away as a rule of thumb). Offer your most popular piece of content to push them over the edge and drive more sales conversations. 

*Pro-tip: If you haven't yet gotten your MQL and SQL stages nailed down with sales, now's the time -- and the more custom, the better. Define your own stages and criteria with the data and engagement definitions that matter most to YOU.

Hack #10: Leverage personalization via channel and destination for your very top-tier accounts, including personalized ads directed toward a  re-skinned asset with the company’s logo and a personalized forward from their assigned sales exec.  

As we get through this together, we're committed to bringing you as many tips & tricks as possible over the coming months. For more on working with limited resources, we’ve got 4 ways to do more with less to heat up your marketing strategy this summer. 


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