Driving Revenue with Data: How to Leverage Full-Funnel B2B Advertising

Many marketers have an 'ah-ha' moment when they realize that 100% of their customers were aware of their brand before making a purchase. It might seem obvious, but it's a stat that's often overlooked. This revelation underscores the importance of multi-touch, full-funnel display advertising in driving revenue—especially for teams employing account-based marketing (ABM).

Despite fluctuating market conditions, advertising investments continue to grow.  So how do you ensure these funds are not wasted on ineffective targeting? The answer lies in leveraging the best B2B advertising techniques and perfecting your ABM strategy. It's a difference that matters more than ever, given that a staggering 85% of your target audience might not be 'in-market' at the moment.

But before we go on, let's address the elephant in the room: why does data matter?

Any marketer can run digital ads, but only those who understand the importance of high-quality data can truly make an impact. Quality data is the key to precise targeting, extensive reach, increased efficiency, and flexibility. With RollWorks, you get a tried-and-true solution harnessing advanced machine learning models for exceptional results.

It's about much more than just knowing the company or job title. You'll need to understand the customer's journey, pain points, ambitions, and behaviors to truly resonate with them. Remember, your ads should connect beyond the basics. 

Your Target Audience

By now we know that ads should connect beyond the basics. It's about much more than just knowing the company or job title. You'll need to understand the customer's journey, pain points, ambitions, and behaviors to truly resonate with them. 

First, you must identify who you are trying to reach. This is where building an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) becomes critical. By leveraging customer attributes like behavioral, technographic, and firmographic data, you can create a detailed ICP. Then use it to build a Target Account List (TAL) of customers with similar characteristics.

Why Segmenting Matters

Once you have your TAL, it's time to delve deeper. The more you segment your list, the higher the precision of your campaigns. Thanks to dynamic data, an effective ABM platform like RollWorks will make this process seamless and flexible, enabling the launch of highly segmented campaigns with ease.

A Full-Funnel Lens

The goal of ABM is not just to attract but also to engage customers throughout their buying journey. A full-funnel B2B ad campaign, where ad content is tailored to each stage of the customer's journey, is the way to go. Remember, as the account progresses, the customer's needs and expectations evolve. So should your messaging and offers. A multi-pronged full-funnel approach should include awareness at the top of the funnel (TOFU), targeted ads for conversion in the middle (MOFU), testimonial ads for closing deals at the bottom (BOFU), and personalized retargeted ads for customer retention.

Time to Go Hybrid

To leverage the entire funnel, integrate ABM with all channels to create multiple touchpoints for your target accounts. Then, narrow down your lists with hyper-targeted messaging that directly addresses your buyers' pain points. The key here is to personalize your approach based on the buyer's journey.

Forever Optimizing

Lastly, continuously measure performance and automate success. Test different ads for each stage in the funnel, refresh them regularly to prevent ad fatigue, and always remember that each stage should answer a different question for the customer.

While this may seem like a lot of manual work, your ad platform can do all the heavy lifting, thanks to AI and machine learning. For instance, at RollWorks, we ensure that your B2B advertising does not just exist but thrives.Measuring Impact

Finally, remember the ultimate goal: bottom-line impact. To help marketers measure and prove the impact of account-based advertising, we offer a Revenue Impact Report. This report provides unparalleled insights into your efforts' direct influence on company revenue, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Unleash the power of full-funnel B2B advertising today, and watch as your account-based strategy turns your marketing mix into a revenue-driving powerhouse.

We've created a comprehensive guide that will help you master the art of full-funnel B2B ad campaigns and maximize ROI. It includes a how-to blueprint for launching or enhancing your campaigns, with buyer stage breakdowns and ad examples. Time to show the world that you're not just doing B2B advertising. You're doing the best B2B advertising.

Experience the RollWorks difference: account-based everything, made simple and impactful. Book your personalized demo now.

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