3 Ways to Uplevel B2B Retargeting with Account-Based Advertising

Retargeting felt like a friendly nudge back on track, boosting site traffic and showing promise. Yet, despite the buzz, the deeper metrics—opportunity creation, close rates, and revenue—told a different story. It became clear that not just any traffic would do; the focus needed to shift to attracting the right kind of visitors. 

Enter Account-Based Advertising (ABA), a strategy akin to having a savvy friend who ensures only the best guests arrive at your party. This approach isn’t about increasing numbers but about enhancing quality, ensuring your marketing efforts are directed at those who truly matter. 

With ABA, you're not just casting a wide net; you're fishing with precision, aiming for those who are genuinely interested and ready to engage. There needed to be more focus around who was getting marketing retargeting budgets. Site traffic alone doesn’t matter; good site traffic matters. And as better tech has developed over the years, bringing just ‘anybody’ back to your site isn’t cutting it. 

Stop putting budget toward ‘just anyone’

Unless you have extremely laser-focused control over who’s coming to your site in the first place, a lot of your retargeting budget could be at risk going toward low-value visitors. 

That means if your mom checks out your website to try to figure out what you actually do for a living, or if a student is glossing your pages to quote in their essay, or if a tiny company with zero budget for your services wishes they could buy….they’re all getting retargeted with your ads as if they are a good fit for your business. That’s a lot of wasted budget and false metrics around ‘engagement’. 

Before considering any engagement or site activity, marketers must consider the account or buyer taking the action. 

Get to know who deserves your investment

There are three ways marketers can uplevel their retargeting to stop dwindling those hard-earned marketing dollars toward prospects that simply never convert (hello spam visitors or students doing research), but it all starts with a clear picture of your ideal audience. 

Before you can reap the benefits of upleveled retargeting, you should run through an exercise of getting clear on your ideal customer profile (ICP). Simply put, these are the firmographic and technographic ‘filters’ you should apply to prioritize who you want to attract to your site in the first place:

Firmographic—Firmographics are descriptive attributes of companies that can be used to aggregate individual organizations into meaningful market segments. Essentially, firmographics are to businesses and organizations what demographics are to people. Some examples are:

  • industry (e.g., investment banking, financial services, accounting)
  • geography (e.g., U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland)
  • company size (e.g., 500-5000 employees)
  • revenue (e.g., $10MM+)

Technographic—Technographics are a set of attributes that give insight into the tech stack of customers, including contract lengths and other details. Some examples are:

  • marketing automation platform
  • CRM
  • direct mail vendor

That means, no more wasted budget or vanity metrics around those who won’t actually become winning customers. 

Now, let’s get to it. Here are the three ways you can use your ICP and tweak your approach to retargeting to get more bang for your buck:

1. Precision Targeting with Account-Based Advertising:

Before potential buyers even visit your site, identify and attract high-quality site visitors through precision targeting. RollWorks utilizes its comprehensive dataset and machine learning to target accounts matching your ICP criteria with digital advertising, ensuring that your marketing efforts are focused on accounts most likely to convert.

2. Segmentation and Personalization at Every Sales Stage:

Once a buyer enters the sales cycle, use RollWorks’ insights to refine your retargeting strategies with highly targeted segmentation and personalized offers. This method goes beyond generic retargeting, allowing for engagement with tailored messaging that resonates with the buyer’s specific stage in the sales funnel, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

This play is a prime example of using the first two tips together for an airtight air cover strategy:

3. Leveraging Data for Ready-to-Buy Accounts:

Tap into RollWorks’ extensive data capabilities to identify and reach accounts showing buying signals before they visit your high-intent pages. This approach uses a combination of RollWorks’ own ad, website, and intent data, along with third-party data, to pre-target and engage with accounts that have a higher propensity to buy, ensuring a more efficient use of your marketing budget.

Embrace the Holy Grail 

When you take into account the ways marketers are upleveling their retargeting, it comes down to how they approach their audiences and programs through prioritization. The true holy grail is to pinpoint your high-fit, high-intent, and high-engagement audience and deliver best-in-class marketing programs to them wherever they are. Marketers have long been dabbling with all of these data signals, but have struggled to blend them together for a cohesive strategy. Now’s the time to incorporate each of these essential signals into a comprehensive approach that you bring to market; cutting the waste and getting straight to happy customers.

Experience the RollWorks difference: account-based everything, made simple and impactful. Book your personalized demo now.

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