The 5 Real Pillars of Marketing and Sales Alignment

November 6, 2022

Did you know ABM has helped 70% of B2B marketers align marketing and sales efforts to close business more efficiently? To learn how you can make the partnership between your own sales and marketing teams sing, join RollWorks’ Sr. Directors of Demand Gen and SDRs in a lively discussion exploring the five pillars of marketing and sales alignment that help their teams work together in lockstep. It’s a don’t-miss session that'll help ensure your own marketing and sales functions are working efficiently and effectively together to drive business results in 2022. You’ll walk away with: - Clarity on the five pillars and why they matter; - The core characteristics of “best-in-class” partnerships between marketing and sales teams; - An understanding of how to evolve your relationships from good to great; and - Scalable strategies to ensure collaboration between teams — no matter how large. See all RollWorks webinars here:

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