Product Snapshot: Keyword Intent

RollWorks Keyword Intent is a proprietary intent offering that helps marketing and sales teams track intent signals that make sense for their business, find more accounts showing those relevant readiness signals, prioritize accounts, and personalize messaging based on the content they are engaging with throughout the buying journey, all with greater confidence that the accounts they reach out to are actually in market.

With Keyword Intent you can power and augment your intent data strategy by:

  • Getting keyword recommendations to understand what you should be tracking based on your existing site content
  • Finding accounts that are showing intent on terms that you weren’t able to track before (e.g. very specific terms or competitor names), including their keyword variations
  • Achieving a better understanding of what accounts are researching
  • Gaining greater confidence that accounts are really showing intent through the layering of multiple intent data sources with different methodologies
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RollWorks Keyword Intent Prioritize Use Case
RollWorks Keyword Intent Prioritize Use Case

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Product Snapshot: RollWorks Advertising

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