Special Report: State of Sales Acceleration 2022

New research shows today’s B2B buyers spend just 17% of their purchase process talking with potential vendors, leaving sales teams challenged with how to engage modern buyers.

This special report from RollWorks and Demand Gen Report examines the current state of sales acceleration by highlighting key strategies revenue teams are using to engage buyers and increase deal velocity. 

To lean into the bigger picture that ABM plays in accelerating sales, the Demand Gen Report team sat down with our very own Danilo Nikolich, RollWorks’ Sr. Director of SDRs.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • Key strategies and tools to identify and target prospects most likely to convert;
  • How to identify the needs of buying committees and encourage action;
  • Actionable tips for building a strong sales and marketing partnership;
  • How sales teams can sharpen their focus with a buyer-centric approach.
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