Metrics That Matter: Proving the Impact of ABM

October 26, 2021

Marketers today are facing increasing pressure from leadership to drive more opportunities and show how their activities are influencing revenue creation. To meet these challenges, marketing and sales teams are investing in ABM. The problem? Measuring the impact of account-based activities is difficult, largely because the existing ABM measurement frameworks force marketers to infer revenue impact.

Lucky for you, we’re here to show you the new measurement frameworks that make it easier than ever to prove impact (and impress leadership!).

Watch this webinar with Chuck Dibilio, Product Manager for Journey Stages and Events and Rob Matthews, Product Marketing Manager for Measurement Solutions, and Allison Dyer, Director of Revenue Consulting to learn:

  • The cross-channel activities you should be measuring
  • How to track accounts through the entire buying journey
  • How to understand program impact on account progression
  • What metrics to use to prove your revenue impact
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