How a 2-person team used ABM to get ahead in a fast-moving market with HubSpot and LinkedIn

November 5, 2021

When resources are tight and your category is fast-moving, how do you ensure you’re capturing the attention of your best-fit buyers? That’s the question the 2-person marketing team at SnapFulfil was challenged with, as the warehousing and logistics business experienced shifts in the past couple of years, with many brick-and-mortar retailers suddenly going digital. Come learn how the team has successfully:

  • Refined their target account lists to ensure their lean sales team is working high-quality leads
  • Run display and social campaigns to reach buying committees in target accounts
  • Use intent data to serve the right message at the right time, increasing engagement with those accounts

You’ll also learn about the tools and technology that SnapFulfil used to build these ABM programs, and get answers from experts at HubSpot, RollWorks, and LinkedIn.

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