Get Obsessed with Customer Success: A Guide to Reaching Revenue Targets Fast

May 17, 2022

Scale revenue, retain customers, and reduce churn with ABM

On the road to revenue, customer retention matters just as much as customer acquisition—and it’s much more cost effective. (We’re sure you’ve also heard that acquiring a new customer can be anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing customer.) 

In a new eBook we’re launching today, we’ve partnered with digital marketing agency, SmartBug, to share our collective thoughts on how effective account-based marketing strategies are at helping you focus on customer retention and delivering authentic and relevant opportunities that will increase your bottom line. 

This eBook offers:

  • Retention red flag indicators
  • Effective expansion, upsell, and cross-sell techniques using ABM
  • Key opportunity plays 
  • Plus more... 
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