Special Report: State of Sales Acceleration 2023

March 13, 2023

To accelerate sales in 2023, B2B companies must focus more on increasing customer value through storytelling, partnerships and data. Research has found that B2B buyers are between 57% and 70% through their buying journey before contacting sales, which heightens the need to reach prospects proactively and accurately through different mediums.

With modern buyers craving more personalization and privacy, sales teams are tasked with creating a "best of both worlds" approach that blends automation, content, analytics and resources (whether internal or external) to deliver meaningful engagements that increase deal velocity. This report will uncover the top strategies that buyers are most receptive to, with a specific focus on:

  • Key strategies for leveraging technology, behavioral signals and storytelling to identify and target prospects most likely to convert;

  • Actionable tips for building strong partnerships internally and externally to have relevant conversations at optimal times;

  • The importance of communication to identify and target in-market accounts; and

  • How to act upon behavioral and intent signals to deliver relevant content to buyers in a palatable way.

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