What's Working in ABM 2021

September 14, 2021

The popularity and successes of account-based marketing (ABM) are unmatched. Demand Gen Report research revealed that 98% of marketers are currently using or plan to use ABM strategies, with 73% of respondents who use ABM indicating it greatly exceeded their organization's expectations. Given the strength of this powerhouse strategy, it's important to reflect on what's working — and what's not.

The industry's shift to digital enabled a flurry of innovations that helped fill many gaps in marketers' ABM playbooks. This included opening better lines of communication between internal teams, creating more experiential campaigns and pushing content marketers out of the box. Those experience-based programs go beyond just marketing and take the shape of account-based experiences (ABX), which experts say is the next level of ABM.

With ABM's transition to experience-based strategies in mind, this report will guide readers through the ins and outs of the ABM/ABX marriage, with specific topics of discussion covering:

The use of ABM to supplement in-person interactions;
- Leveraging data to understand customers' wants and needs in advance and digging into those insights to identify what they're really looking for;
- Why organizations must remain internally and technologically aligned; and
- The creation of ABM campaigns that stand out from the competition.

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