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Why ABM Is A Must-Have For Resource-Strapped Revenue Teams

January 10, 2022

To ensure this is the year of revenue success, our ABM in Action is here to provide answers to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic —such as limited resources, budgets and manpower — to help you do more with less.
Throughout the issue, you’ll get: 

  • The latest data to benchmark your account-specific strategies; 
  • A first-hand look at how Snapfulfil generated 4,000 new top-of-funnel leads by refining its target account list; 
  • The inside scoop on how Auditoria achieved a 208% increase in brand engagement from account targeting;
  • Advice on how to make ABM work no matter the size of your team;
  • And much more!



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The ABM Playbook: 10 Quick Plays for Big Wins