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Slump-Free Summer: 7 Hacks to Heat up Demand

The summer may be heating up, but your sales pipeline may be cooling off.

After travel was put on pause (then surged, then put on pause) the past few years, your prospects have pent up PTO and are itching to get off the grid ASAP. So how can marketers reach their prospects when their prospects are, well, unreachable? 

Don’t stress. We’ve got you covered with 7 hacks to drive demand and get through the summer slump-free. Want a quick preview of a few hacks? We knew it:

  • Rethink your summer fun(nel) to focus on brand awareness where it matters
  • Dust off your calculator and rethink your investments to win new, high-fit buyers
  • Turn off your FOMO by tracking high-intent buyers and swooping in before the competition

About the Author

Caroline Van Dyke, Content Lead

Caroline is a B2B marketer with a knack for building start-up content strategies from scratch. With a passion for crafting the right message at the right time (and a good pun), she leads content for real marketers by telling their real stories. In the rare case she's not busy writing, you can find her consuming true crime podcasts, stand-up specials, and copious amounts of cheese.

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