Insider Holiday Gifting Tips from 4 B2B Marketing Experts

Gifting during the holidays – it seems like a no-brainer but it can make all the difference. This is the busiest time of the year for ABM gifting platforms, and for good reason. At RollWorks, we’ve seen up to 10x more opportunities when we incorporate gifts in a multi-channel ABM campaign. 

Insider Holiday Gifting Tips from 4 B2B Marketing Experts

As we head into the holidays, we decided to check in with our gifting partners to get their expert tips and learn about their top performing packages.


Sendoso suggests rising above the noise of increased holiday communications by sending a gift that includes a thoughtful, attention-grabbing note. To keep things lighthearted, include a clever pun in your messaging. Have a prospect whose pup made an appearance in your Zoom call? Send them a festive dog toy as “something to chew on” for the new year. For a holiday treat, give a client the chance to unwind with a mulled wine kit. Add a note telling the recipient that you’re around to help them “mull over” some new ideas for the coming year. 


If you want your customers and prospects to be able to choose their own gift, Alyce is the way to go. Even with the human-augmented AI research that Alyce provides, they’ve found that close to one third of gifts sent will be exchanged for something else. And when comparing gifts sent by companies to drive meetings versus gifts claimed by recipients, they’ve found a significant difference in the types of gifts sent and claimed. Bottom line, allowing your recipient to choose is impactful and could help boost your conversion rates.


Gifts should be personal and memorable, reflecting the customers’ interests and, when possible, highlight shared accomplishments. PFL suggests sending packages that include a personalized notecard, a message of thanks, an item that reflects customers’ interest, and printed “scorecards” to show mutual accomplishments. Consider how you could include messaging about what you achieved together in the past year. Gifts are nice, but gifts alone don’t drive business. It’s the strategic alignment that hits the mark. believes that standing out is about thinking outside the inbox. Creative gifts with holiday themes help them break through the season’s marketing noise. Here are a few examples from the team’s own outreach efforts:

  • “Seasoning's Greetings” – a set of festive spices
  • “Yule Mules” – A holiday version of everyone’s favorite cocktail
  • “New Year Cheer” – a personalized desk calendar 

Now it's time to jingle all the way to a winning demand gen season 

The holidays are a good excuse to send gifts to prospects and customers alike. And don’t forget – this is the busiest time of year for our gifting partners. That means your prospects and customers are likely receiving gifts from other companies as well, so you’ll want to make sure to stand out from the crowd. As we learned from our partners and experts in the field, creative messaging, highlighting shared accomplishments, and thoughtful, fun gifts can make all the difference.

P.S.: Happy holidays from RollWorks, too 

We rely on the expert tips from our gifting vendors, too. We even implemented our own programs for a little champagne to celebrate the holidays. Have a happy holiday season from RollWorks, and here’s to gifting even more in the new year. 


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