Direct Mail Isn’t Enough: Why Marketers Need to Shift to a Personal Experiences Approach

March 17, 2021 Stacy Milman

Direct Mail is an important marketing channel and is being used by 73% of companies with ABM programs. Marketers report higher ROI and response rates when Direct Mail is included in multi-channel programs. It makes sense; with direct mail, we’re able to create the personal connections we’re not able to in an email-heavy and WFH world.

Direct Mail Isn’t Enough: Why Marketers Need to Shift to a Personal Experiences Approach

According to Demand Gen Report’s 2020 ABM Benchmark study, Direct Mail is top of mind for 78% of marketers surveyed. It was also one of the most important channels used in 2020 above chatbots and website personalization. While we all love to receive a surprise in the mail, there’s more to it than selecting a gift for your buyer at random. 

To be personal or personalized? 

As marketers, we’re trying to scale activities through our marketing automation to have the greatest reach. However, by doing this, it also moves us away from having those one-to-one personal moments. Customers are more than a name on a list and should be treated as so. 

That’s why RollWorks is excited to announce its partnership with Alyce, the category creator of Personal Experience (PX). PX is the approach of strengthening customer relationships from one-to-many touches into one-to-one moments. This approach is characterized by three main attributes: be relatable, be relevant, and be respectful.

The RollWorks and Alyce partnership now enables mutual customers to be able to inform their gifting strategy using RollWorks’ account and contact data and align their gifting strategy with other account-based engagement channels, creating hyper-personalized touches. 

Using Alyce + RollWorks

Here are some ways our mutual customers are finding success using Alyce + RollWorks: 

Creating more early-stage engagement to increase number of meetings booked  

You can use RollWorks engagement data to understand accounts that are engaging in various levels and trigger gift sends to spark conversation with prospects. Easily filter lists in Salesforce based on a variety of account and contact data including but not limited to ad impressions, clicks, and conversions, and account website engagement and fit score.  This list prioritization can help allocate budget to prospects who may be interested, but have not raised their hand to take a meeting yet. 

Adding Direct Mail is key to your event strategy - virtual or not

Maintaining interest in your company before, during, or after virtual events can be challenging.  Adding direct mail to your campaign mix will give you additional lift to drive event metrics such as meetings booked, event registration, and attendance. Using RollWorks engagement data you can create lists of accounts who are highly engaged in event-related content such as ads, invites, page views, impressions, etc. 
With ABM, multi-channel is the only channel 

Creating cohesive and engaging account-based multi-channel campaigns can be complex but necessary to round out your account-based strategy. According to a recent Demand Gen Report study, marketers report higher ROI and response rates when Direct Mail is included in multi-channel programs. 

After sending to prospects via Alyce, create custom reports in Salesforce based on contacts who received gifts in the last 30 days. Further engagement strategies by adding this list of contacts to other engagement channels such as Web, LinkedIn, and Facebook via the RollWorks platform. This will unify your campaigns and help prospects progress through the buyer journey.  

To learn more about using RollWorking and Alyce for your B2B personal experiences, click here

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