Announcing the RollWorks Technology Partner Ecosystem

Today’s marketer needs to be nimble and agile while also preparing to grow and scale. It’s dizzying to think about. And layering on the budget and headcount changes most teams have felt this year is another head spinner. We are all collectively needing new ways to get the most out of our budget and effort; there’s a collective need for technology that powers clear efficiency and ROI. 

Announcing the RollWorks Technology Partner Ecosystem

As marketers anticipate what 2021 will bring, one thing is clear: technology budgets won’t be seeing a sharp decline, rather the opposite. According to Gartner, CMOs remain bullish about technology heading into the next 12 months: 68% expect their already significant outlays to increase.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be changes with how tech is utilized to best serve the changing market: Gartner research shows that marketers use only 58% of their existing technology capabilities.That means marketers are trying to get smarter about just how complex their ‘all-in-one’ platforms need to be. Instead, they’ll be looking to ‘pick-and-choose’ what channels and capabilities they need, and ideally orchestrate their different solutions into a bespoke system that works for them. 

Bridging the gap to use tech stack value to the fullest

Running effective account-based programs has been a top priority for B2B marketers in 2020, and that also means making sure their complex tech stacks speak to one another. The tech world is often witness to a ‘coming together’ and then ‘coming apart’ trend in point solutions versus consolidation. What’s often missing from that conversation is the role of integrations to bridge this gap. 

The power of bringing an ecosystem to life

The CDP Institute’s new State of Customer Data report revealed that for the first time, the majority of respondents (52%) described their martech stack as an integrated, multi-system architecture. Yet when it comes to the importance of integrations? They’re the most important selection criteria when evaluating marketing technology. This beats selection criteria like ‘breadth of features,’ showing that integrations aren’t a nice-to-have; they reign supreme.

RollWorks is committed to a partner-first approach where our customers can experience the value of bidirectional integrations with best-of-breed Martech vendors to create the optimal stack for their needs. The RollWorks technology partner ecosystem was custom built for today’s integrated marketing environments - the new partnerships announced today join other core strategic partnerships with complementary technologies including marketing automation, content management, customer experience, and sales enablement across multiple channels. 

That’s why we joined forces with the best in account-based data insight and engagement channel partners. We did the heavy lifting so that you can trust that you’re working with the best tech in the biz. 

What does multi-channel look like?

We’re excited to add Folloze, LeanData, Opensense and PFL to our other core strategic partnerships with complementary technologies including marketing automation, content management, customer experience, and sales enablement across multiple channels, and website personalization. 

Meet the Folloze partnership 

The Folloze Personalized Marketing Platform brings enterprise-caliber personalization and sales orchestration to customer journeys across ABM, demand generation, virtual events, and sales acceleration programs. RollWorks’ targeting and data, powering Folloze personalization, drive leading account-based marketing and sales orchestration motions.

Meet the LeanData partnership

By using the FlowBuilder, LeanData’s category-leading routing tool, customers can feed real-time data into their RollWorks ABM campaigns, thereby facilitating near real-time engagement. Since the connection points are already available inside of Salesforce, mutual customers can begin leveraging this capability today through a simple set of configurations.

Meet the Opensense partnership

RollWorks and Opensense help ABM professionals orchestrate an omnichannel campaign that combines display ads with targeted 1:1 email outreach. Marketers can automatically unify their messaging and reach their audiences across channels, delivering targeted messages that dynamically adapt to the buyer's journey. And with RollWorks’ performance reports and dashboard in their CRM of choice, they can visualize the impact of email display.

Meet the PFL partnership

Together, RollWorks and PFL make it easier than ever to create seamless customer journeys across channels. The partnership enables marketers to automate personalized direct mail (PFL) in response to engagement with content (RollWorks). By using intent data to deliver relevant and timely packages, marketers create remarkable experiences that turn business goals into reality.

Into the Future with the Best of ABM

RollWorks and its technology partners give B2B marketing and sales teams the ability to orchestrate engagement across channels at scale and greater interoperability and data flow between their choice of marketing tech tools, which results in more efficient go to market efforts.

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