This is the B2B data you’ve been waiting for

Growing a business today means engaging with your customers where and when they want to hear from you. For B2B marketers, figuring out that exact place and time has become complex.  

This is the B2B data you’ve been waiting for

That’s because the average B2B purchase includes 6.8 decision makers, and digital channels are playing a bigger role than ever when buyers consider their options. The vast majority of buyers—62 %—identify their vendors solely via online research. And if you want to reach top executives, 84 % of C-suite and VP-level buyers are using social media to inform their purchasing decisions. Connecting with all these potential buyers requires being targeted and coordinated across multiple channels.

This is where RollWorks comes in, with our leading account-based marketing (ABM) solutions for B2B marketers. RollWorks scales to meet the needs of marketers with the ability to locate key decision makers, engage across multiple channels, and measure marketing impact on revenue. And today, it just got smarter.

AdRoll Group is announcing the acquisition of Growlabs, a two-year-old startup with a comprehensive B2B database including B2B contacts and suite of lead generation and outbound sales automation technologies.  Through this acquisition, AdRoll Group will leverage Growlabs’s data set of 12 million companies and 320 million business identities to enhance its proprietary data graph of already more than 1.2 billion digital profiles. Our advanced AI engine, combined with this data set, will power cross-channel marketing campaigns that reach the contacts most likely to buy at the companies that matter most. All this, while optimizing marketing budgets.

It’s time for marketers to stop guessing who the person behind the IP-address really is. It’s time to understand what content and channels are truly driving sales in time to make a difference.

Marketers can and should take the lead at their companies, and with RollWorks, they are doing just that by growing revenue like never before.

Check out some of those leading the way here.


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