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The RollWorks and LinkedIn integration offers unmatched opportunities for B2B marketers to drive engagement, generate leads, and accelerate revenue growth through targeted ads on the world’s largest professional network using one single platform.

Amplify Your ABM Impact: Master Precision Marketing with the RollWorks & LinkedIn Integration Playbook

Gain a competitive edge with step-by-step strategies to:

Enhance Campaign Precision: Dive into advanced targeting and retargeting techniques that connect you with the right audience at the perfect moment for impactful engagement.
Streamline Your Marketing Machine: Master unified platform management to save time, synchronize data for smarter decisions, and rapidly adapt and scale your campaigns for maximum impact.
Harness Data-Driven Campaign Insights: Utilize RollWorks and LinkedIn’s powerful analytics together to track essential KPIs, optimize real-time campaign performance, and strategically adjust your tactics for peak efficiency and impact.

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Why use RollWorks and LinkedIn Together?

Enhanced ABM Capabilities:
Seamlessly sync account lists and groups from RollWorks to LinkedIn Campaign Manager, enabling precise targeting and tailored
 messaging throughout the buyer’s journey.

Engage high-value accounts with high-performing
ad campaigns leveraging RollWorks’ advanced
segmentation and LinkedIn’s extensive ad formats.

Optimized Budget Allocation: 
Utilize machine learning and intent data to optimize
budgets on LinkedIn for maximum campaign

Expanded Ad Format Options and Advanced Targeting:
Access a wide range of ad formats and layer
additional LinkedIn targeting capabilities to refine
audience segmentation and maximize ad

Streamlined Account Management: 
Simplify audience management and campaign
execution by syncing RollWorks account lists and
groups to LinkedIn Campaign Manager, providing
flexibility and control over targeting strategies.

Discover how Conquer.io achieved a 724%+ increase in impressions and a 42.91% rise in CTR and how O3 Solutions experienced a dramatic 800% surge in site traffic by harnessing the power of RollWorks and LinkedIn together.

Read their compelling story to learn how they increased lead generation, improved targeting accuracy, and accelerated their ABM efforts with our integrated solution.


Learn how TELUS International transformed their account-based marketing strategy, achieving an impressive 0.21% click-through rate and reaching 76% of targeted accounts by leveraging RollWorks and LinkedIn. Read their compelling story to learn how they improved targeting precision, elevated lead generation, and optimized campaign management with our integrated solution.


Don’t take our word for it!

Hear from marketers like you who have experienced the transformative impact of using RollWorks and LinkedIn to power up their account-based campaigns.

Victoria Reid, Director of Marketing at O3 Solutions

Using RollWorks and LinkedIn together simplifies complex campaign setups. This integration enhances our ability to track and adjust our strategies in real-time. Not only has it enabled us to tailor our campaigns precisely, but it also significantly boosted our engagement metrics. We've seen an 800% increase in website traffic over the last year, with a large portion of this success due to our targeted advertising efforts on RollWorks.

Victoria Reid, Director of Marketing at O3 Solutions
David Sui, Digital Marketing Manager at TELUS International

Integrating RollWorks with LinkedIn has transformed how we connect with key accounts. This powerful synergy extends our reach, deepens engagement, and transforms interest into impactful conversions. We've been able to redefine our campaigns with sharp analytics and strategic targeting

David Sui, Digital Marketing Manager at TELUS International
Julia Yavin, Director of Strategy at RenderTribe and Strategic Account Manager for Conquer.io

Integrating LinkedIn with RollWorks for our client Conquer has dramatically enhanced our campaign performance. Impressions have increased by 724.37%, clicks by 42.91%, while average CPC and CPM dropped by 83.4% and 87.2%. This integration has not only optimized our spending but significantly amplified both reach and engagement, streamlining Conquer’s ABM initiatives with remarkable efficiency.

Julia Yavin, Director of Strategy at RenderTribe and Strategic Account Manager for Conquer.io