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Sales Automation

Increase sales velocity with automated and personalized email outreach from sales reps.

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Features of Sales Automation

  • Automate sales outreach. Enable sales reps to create automated email sequences to key decision makers.

  • Personalize at scale. Send emails that are authentic to your voice and automatically customized for key contacts.

  • Nurture contacts with triggered follow-ups. Trigger follow-up emails based on activity and engagement.

  • Leverage AI technology. Analyze email responses with natural language processing (NLP) and filter positive responses to an inbox.

Benefits of Sales Automation

  • Close deals faster. With automated personalized emails and smart inbox filtering, your team has more time to focus on working qualified leads.

  • Personalize emails for higher response rates. Improve open and reply rates with email personalization.

  • Improve sales team productivity. Manage individual sales rep sequences, lead assignment, and territory mapping with ease.

  • Make decisions based on in-depth reporting. Analyze audience conversions, email sequence effectiveness, and sales rep performance to improve sales outreach.

How Sales Automation Works

  1. Log in to RollWorks.

  2. Go to your Engage tab, click on Sales Automation, and select Sequences.

  3. Click on New Sequence and name it.

  4. Click on Add Sequence and select any of the sequence step options:

    • Automated email will automatically send emails to contacts based on the timing set in the sequence using smart pauses.
    • Manual email will send emails after a task is completed such as customizing the message for the specific audience.
    • Phone calls will include follow-up call scripts and tasks.
    • LinkedIn requests will add a specific contact to your LinkedIn.
    • LinkedIn message will send an InMail message to your contact.
    • Custom sequence will include reminders to complete any other actions outside of RollWorks, such as sending a handwritten note or following a prospect on Twitter.
  5. Push Save, turn the email sequence on, and assign leads to it. You’re now ready to use sales automation as a part of your sales and marketing strategies!

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