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Demand Gen Report's Campaign Optimization Series 2021

May 15, 2021

Rethinking Optimization: 3 Quick Cross-Channel Tweaks to Level-Up Your ABM Now

We’re all looking for that one, silver-bullet tweak that can take our ABM from zero to sixty in twenty seconds. And don’t worry, there are a few of them out there (we won’t skimp on them this session). 

But those small optimizations won’t truly make a difference if you don’t first optimize who you’re reaching, where you’re reaching them, and how you’re showing that reach. Those tweaks need to be a combination of short-term and long-lasting.  That’s why we’re rethinking optimization in this series: it has to be more than just in one-off campaigns — it has to run across audiences and measurement, too. 

In this series, join RollWorks’ Head of Content, Caroline Van Dyke,  to get the scoop on:

  • How to optimize your target account list into sub-segments that drive specific, one-size-fits-you outcomes
  • A handful of ‘quick tweaks’ across channels like email, display, and e-gifting that fulfill every budget optimizer’s dream 
  • Which metrics matter (for you), when — and how to optimize your dashboard to become boardroom ready  


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