Fortune 500 Legacy Meets Marketing Innovation

September 14, 2021

Legacy doesn’t mean you can’t be at the forefront of innovation. Hear how Honeywell, a 150-year-year-old blue-chip company, embraced digital innovation by adopting ABM for one of their innovative business units.

Watch this fireside chat with Bill Kircos, CMO at Honeywell, Craig Rosenberg, Distinguished VP at Gartner, and Randi Barshack, CMO at RollWorks, as they cover:

  • How to convince traditional businesses to adopt ABM as a multi-channel strategy, not just a one-off campaign
  • Adopting ABM/Digital innovation in large-scale organizations; where to start
  • Aligning marketing and sales teams around target accounts
  • How to implement realistic KPI's and measure them
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