9 Secrets to Identifying and Engaging High Intent Accounts

October 13, 2020

Go ahead. Scan your inbox. “Intent” is likely a topic in at least a handful of email messages. We all know “buying intent” is increasing in B2B popularity as a data source for both sales and marketing to act upon, but the truth is that few of us have cracked the code on how to leverage intent data to bare fruit.

Join marketing leaders from NS1, RollWorks, and Bombora as they reveal 9 tried-and-proven secrets to identifying highest intent accounts and engaging them to drive top and bottom of funnel impact.

In a quick 20 min webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Employ 3 little-known ways to select effective intent topics
  • Combine buying signals to ID your best target audience
  • Drive fast engagement with 2 proven outreach channels



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