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Workshop: How to Build your ABM Plan

January 13, 2021
Planning: love it or hate it, we all have to do it. Starting the year with a strategic plan for your account-based programs is important -- and time-consuming. To that end, we’re here to help!
We put together a boss-ready ABM planning template and will walk you through exactly how to use it in this quick 30 minute workshop. Join RollWorks, ON24, and Sendoso as we put together a plan that helps you hit your goals (and get props from your higher-ups!)
You’ll get:
  • Tips on how to align your account-based goals to your overall business objectives.
  • A walkthrough of planning your ideal target account list, engagement channels, and measurement strategy
  • 38-slide editable ABM planning deck with templates, examples, and instructions for how to make it your own.

Don't have 30 minutes? No problem. Download the template.

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