ABMifying Your MarTech Stack

October 6, 2022

Are you using your MarTech stack to its greatest potential? When it comes to ABMifying your stack, there’s a good chance you already have the tools - the question is how to put them together. Integrating your CRM with RollWorks is a good start, and there are so many other ways to ABMify with platforms like Bombora, Crossbeam, Postal, and more!

In just one quarter, Crossbeam, a RollWorks customer, was able to use the simple combination of Salesforce, Marketo, and RollWorks to see a 64% shift in accounts from “unaware” to “engaged” and see 18 influenced opportunities from high-level accounts.

Tune in to the conversation with SmartBug Media, an expert at ABM programs to learn:

• Ideas for which tools to integrate with RollWorks

• How to track your impact with KPIs

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