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4 Steps to Resurrect your Failing Webinar Strategy

August 24, 2020

With in-person events on indefinite pause, marketers everywhere have embraced webinars like their favorite grandma. But. It's. Not. Working. In fact, 6 out of 10 people say they'd rather lose internet for a whole weekend than attend another webinar.

Yes, there's webinar fatigue. But that doesn't mean you should abandon webinars as a demand gen opportunity. You just need to think differently about what, why, and how you create and merchandise your webinars. And to help make this point crystal-clear we brought in a ringer: Hall of Fame speaker and author Jay Baer, who has created hundreds of virtual events over the past decade, and advises the world's biggest brands on webinar success strategies.

Join Jay and RollWorks for a fast, funny, factual, and fantastic session that will give you concrete advice that will improve your webinar results instantly.

Plus (and this is hard to believe, but true) the entire session is less than 10 minutes long!

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