Making Waves with RollWorks: A Summer Splash of G2 Successes

August 29, 2023

As summer settles in and the temperatures rise, so does the heat on the B2B marketing landscape. While the pace might slow in these sunny months, the wins are still rolling in, thanks to RollWorks. Our recent recognition in the G2 Summer 2023 Grid Report is a testament to the bright spots our customers are achieving, even amid the languid lull of summer.

We're thrilled to share that RollWorks has earned 34 Leader awards in the G2 Summer Report, with ten more since Spring, in categories like Account-Based Orchestration, and many more. This high praise comes directly from our customers, the true game-changers who aren't letting the summer slump slow them down.

Efficiency That Shines

There's a special brilliance to efficiency, particularly when marketing strategies are transformed into finely tuned machines. Our customers frequently praise RollWorks' ability to create an efficient, streamlined environment that acts as a command center for all their account-based activities. 

"RollWorks offers a comprehensive suite of features specifically tailored for account-based marketing. From identifying and targeting key accounts to executing multi-channel campaigns, the platform covers the entire ABM workflow."

With RollWorks, they've found the command center for their account-based activities, efficiently engaging buying committees throughout their entire buying journeys with the magic of machine learning.

Flexibility to Ride the Waves

In today's business climate, marked by rapid changes and unpredictable headwinds, flexibility isn't just a nice-to-have — it's a must. Our customers value the agility RollWorks brings to their marketing toolkit. With a wide array of functionalities combined into one platform, marketers can easily adjust their strategies, riding the waves of change rather than being swallowed by them.

One user eloquently said, "It helps us do a lot of things out of one platform...this one combines many things into one platform." In the face of shifting tides, RollWorks offers marketers the flexibility and adaptability to keep moving forward, always ready to catch the next wave of opportunities.

Time-to-Value: Faster Than a Summer Sunset

Every minute matters in the world of B2B marketing. The quicker you can identify and engage the accounts that matter most to your business, the faster you can drive results. Our customers recognize and appreciate this speed, often marveling at the time-to-value that RollWorks delivers.

One professional described our updates as "game-changing," allowing them to quickly target intent companies in niche markets. With RollWorks, your marketing campaigns can gain traction faster than a summer sunset, quickly illuminating the path to success.

Challenging the Status Quo

At RollWorks, we don't just accept the status quo — we challenge it. We believe in ambitious goals and bold strategies, and we're thrilled that our customers share this mindset. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of what B2B marketing can achieve.

"An intuitive platform that makes it simple to set up an efficient, journey-based ABM strategy. The RollWorks team continues to improve it's platform and does a great job educating those updates - it's a great value."

This tenacious spirit shines brightly in our recent G2 Summer 2023 Grid Report recognition. As we continue to innovate and challenge the norms, we've found ourselves collecting wins, but it's the success of our customers that truly fuels us. By challenging the status quo, we're not just creating a splash — we're making waves that continue transforming the B2B marketing landscape.

Looking Ahead

As we cruise into the heart of summer, we at RollWorks remain committed to helping our customers succeed. Our platform aims to empower marketers, providing them with the data and tools they need to execute ABM strategies that deliver results. Whether they're grappling with the summer slowdown or navigating the choppy waters of the economy, our customers know they can count on RollWorks to provide a steady ship.

So, let's raise a glass of lemonade for the wins we've seen this summer and gear up for the breakthroughs still on the horizon. Together, we're forging ahead, sparking marketing wins that outshine even the brightest summer days.


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