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Build your ABM Plan in 3 Steps

June 11, 2021

As more B2B marketers embrace account-based approaches, we’ve finally gotten rid of the misconception that ABM is only for big teams with big budgets. In fact, marketing teams of any size and scale can use account-based approaches — and we’ll show you how. Join Devon Watts and Allison Dyer from RollWorks as they walk you through the ABM playbooks of real teams, ranging in size from 2 marketers to 200. 

No matter your team size, you’ll come away with practical advice for running your ABM programs. We’ll show how companies like Auditoria, NS1, and Snowflake are running multi-channel programs that move their target accounts through the funnel faster. 

Watch the webinar to learn: 

  • How small teams can get started with ABM
  • What to do as you get additional budget, headcount, and technology for ABM
  • How to truly scale ABM, creating 1:1 experiences across thousands of target accounts
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How Snowflake Builds 1:1 ABM Experiences That Scale

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