Engage, retain, and strengthen

Better management of customer relationships

Identify churn risks and drive more ways to engage with customers and promote useful functionality

As the customer progresses further into their journey with your brand, the window of not only retention but also expansion and upsell opportunities opens. If you’re struggling with customer retention and keeping current customers engaged, there’s a clear solution. Bring account-based marketing tactics into your customer success organization and create clarity in strategy, build a stronger road to revenue, and reduce churn.


Identify risks before the customer churns

  • Closely monitor key indicators of account risk (ex: dips in product engagement or low product adoption score) to intervene at the right time
  • Act on surging intent data to know when to engage customers who are indicating an interest in competitors’ solutions


Increase opportunities to grow and strengthen customer relationships

  • Continuously measure account engagement, and learn from commonalities (ex: content downloads) to identify cross-sell opportunities and add more value
  • Use insights to build more efficient relationships and move in sync with your customers
  • Build benchmarks and dashboards that demonstrate revenue success and track each customer’s progression (specifically against the marketing and sales activities driving it)


Take your guesswork out of account management and set your team and customers up for success

  • Create customer playbooks with ease and ramp new SDRs faster
  • Develop customer playbooks that help new team members adopt best practices and ramp faster
  • Give your customer success team valuable time back as they gather insights on customer behaviour more quickly
Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM

We’re achieving a 50 percent new opportunity rate with existing customers we target with ABM.

Hillary Carpio, Director of ABM
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Izabella Bray, Senior Manager of Demand  Generation & ABM

RollWorks has one of the most robust targeting platforms. I love that they offer account management and creative services — this consultative approach makes them an ABM partner, not just an ABM vendor.

Izabella Bray, Senior Manager of Demand Generation & ABM

RollWorks is the magic bullet that allows Acclaro to be more efficient and effective in the work we do with our clients.

Ryan St. John, CEO of Acclaro, Inc.
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